Summit Dry Freight Body

Dry Freight

Whatever your Dry Freight needs – deliveries, rentals, cargo freight, mobile service truck or airport drayage – we’ll work with you to design a truck body that keeps your loads secure and out of the weather. With Summit, you’ll maximize productivity and payload.

Standard equipment on all of our Dry Freight vans includes:

  • Summit’s fuel-saving, aerodynamic front end
  • Our laminated hardwood floor
  • LED interior and exterior lighting
  • A translucent fiberglass roof that lets in the right amount of light
  • A stainless steel rear frame and front corners that will still look good after years of use
  • Composite doors that won’t fade, chip or peel
  • Indestructible composite liner slats made from recycled material

From custom side and rear doors, lift gates and bumpers, to interior cargo control, shelving and storage, we build it to last.