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Summit Part #DescriptionUOMSale Price
0046-26Cap, Roof 312" (J-Moulding/Strip)Each$39.49
0064-5/16x1/2Bolt, Hex Head GR5 Plated 5/16 x 1/2 NCEach$0.12
0071-5/16x1Screw, Truss Head Phillips Machine 5/16 x 1 SSEach$0.71
0074-5/16Nut, Encapsulated Camtainer 5/16"Each$2.05
0080-1/4Nut, T- 1/4Each$1.12
0123Cable, 115" Rollup DoorEach$11.56
0172Roller, 1" SteelEach$3.40
2694Roller, 2" NylonEach$3.10
3582Roller, 2" SteelEach$4.48
0137Handle, Chrome Grab 16"Each$31.04
0259-1/32x1Seal, 20-1/32 x 1 Adhesive (216' per Roll)Lineal Ft.$0.20
0458Bolt, Camtainer 1/4 x 1/2Each$1.07
1886Light Kit, LED Marker Model 33 Amber (Bullet)Each$7.07
1927Light, LED Amber Marker (Square)Each$11.78
1928Light, LED Red Marker (Square)Each$11.78
2016Rivet, Semi Tubular 1/4" x 5/8" SSEach$0.57
2017Rivet, Semi Tubular 1/4" x 3/4" SSEach$0.50
2018Rivet, Aluminum Universal Head 1/4 x 11/16Pound$16.05
2019Rivet, Aluminum Universal Head 1/4 x 13/16Pound$16.05
A110-102Crossmember, Steel I-Beam 101.5"Each$62.48
A110-96Crossmember, Steel I-Beam 95.5"Each$59.83
A121-16Deck Kit, Hardwood 192"Kit$1,332.10
A121-26 Deck Kit, Hardwood 312"Kit$2,647.78
A210-16Rail, Van Bottom 182.625"Each$418.78
A210-26Rail, Van Bottom 302.625"Each$693.94
A220-16Rail, Van Top 182.625"Each$362.30
A220-26Rail, Van Top 302.625"Each$600.34
A230-102Post, Side Aluminum 99.625"Each$39.54
A240-102Post, Rear Connector 99.625"Each$73.74
A250-108Corrugation Stop, 101.625"Each$8.20
A250-24Corrugation Stop, 288"Each$23.89
A320-102Header, Fiberglass Front (102")Each$442.62
A320-96Header, Fiberglass Front (96")Each$405.95
A340-108Radius, Front 102.75"Each$375.06
A426-102x12Panel, 96"x12" Intermediate DoorEach$127.03
A426-102x15Panel, 96"x15" Intermediate DoorEach$127.03
A426-102x15-1Panel w/ Hardware, 96"x15" Bottom DoorEach$313.59
A426-96x15-1Panel w/ Hardware, 90"x15" Bottom DoorEach$313.59
A510-102Roof Bow, Aluminum 99"Each$30.87
A510-96Roof Bow, Aluminum 93"Each$30.31
A511-102Roof Bow, Steel 99"Each$37.91
A511-96Roof Bow, Steel 93"Each$35.77
A811-1Bumper, Steel StepEach$421.60
1996Cap, Front Radius Aluminum 36"Each$115.50
3554Light, LED Oval Tail ComboEach$51.85



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