The Pinnacle of Truck Body Design and Manufacturing since 1978.

About Summit Body & Equipment


At Summit, we’ve been delivering superior products to our customers since 1978. Our goal is simple and clear: build an innovative truck body that exceeds your quality expectations for a reasonable price and surpasses anything our competitors can offer.


We always start by listening. Once we understand your needs, we apply our innovative engineering and design to build a truck that will help you operate your business effectively and efficiently. Combining skilled craftsmanship with advanced automation, our team works to deliver products that keep getting the job done time after time.


We believe that in today’s world, high quality and innovation must go hand in hand with a deep commitment to the environment, sustainability and social responsibility. From using recycled materials and avoiding materials harmful to people and our planet, to paying our employees a fair and living wage, you can count on Summit to be the greenest of the green.


This place produces some of the best van bodies that money can buy with a knowledgeable staff that is passionate about what they do and what they can push out of their doors!

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